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Hands-on Ways to Teach Numbers…

Since her school is focusing on small group instruction, Maria needs more hands-on ways to teach her students about numbers.

So this month, we’re diving into 3 engaging activities kids will beg to repeat and I’ll show you a simple trick to differentiate for EVERY child in class!

Show Notes

–> Number Decomposition Sheets

Improving Reading Instruction…

Jennifer Darcy is a 2nd grade teacher who ended last year feeling defeated. Despite a lot of hard work, her students didn’t make as much reading progress as she hoped. Some failed to meet their end of year standards.

So, in this month’s coaching call, Jennifer asked for help.

Come along as we dive into a simple strategy for setting up student goals so she can get the results she wants PLUS veteran teaching tips for making literacy centers run smoothly.

Show Notes

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–> The Reading Roadmap
–> Volunteer for a Coaching Call

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